The Leaders of Our School Visited Military Training Instructors and Students    (2023-09-27 16:13:58)

Vice President of Jiangsu University Chen Hong Came to Visit the Freshmen of Our School    (2023-09-11 15:05:11)

The Leaders of Our School Grouped into the Teaching Front Line to Check the Teaching Condition on the First Day of th...    (2023-09-04 13:55:22)

Leaders of Our College Inspected the Admission Work    (2023-06-30 16:52:12)

Our School Held the 2023 Graduates' Employment Promotion Conference    (2023-05-24 13:31:06)


Our School Held a Cooperation Negotiation Meeting with Kyungwoon University    (2023-08-10 15:44:15)

Our School Had a Cooperation Meeting with Fachhochschule Dresden    (2023-07-21 14:38:04)

Our school Held a Seminar on First-class Course Construction    (2023-06-08 14:40:41)

Our School Carried out Various Labor Practice Activities    (2023-06-01 16:36:25)

Our College Held a Lecture on the Theme of "Teaching a Good Lesson with Your Heart"    (2023-04-23 16:08:09)

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